PANAMA CITY, Fla. WEATHER (WMBB) – Conditions over the next several days will trend wetter than our day-to-day showers and storms.

However, while there will be widespread chances for rain, no washout days are expected.

The added moisture will help lower temperatures for our afternoons, with most people feeling afternoon highs in the mid-80s to lower 90s.

The setup will call for slight shower and storm chances for the morning hours along the coast. Afternoon rains will mainly spread inland, ranging from 50-70% at times.

This wetter trend is expected more or so through Friday, potentially drier conditions may push through for next weekend.

In the tropics, the National Hurricane Center is tracking a wave on the West African coast that could develop characteristics of a tropical storm over the next 5 days.

At the moment, the disturbance only has a 40% chance of formation over the next 5 days and a 0% chance over the next 2 days.

Updates to come later this week.