Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – We need rain the whole area has been a few weeks without rain. The central and western half of the panhandle is in drought some of it severe drought and worse. October is not a favorable month for us and rain it’s one of the driest months of the year. November is not much better but winter cold fronts will typically bring rain chances for the usual stormy winter pattern unfolds. If you are still following along, rain chances should start to show up by the middle and end of the month. In the forecast right now meager rain chances are there. Tuesday with the front we might squeeze out a shower and then Wednesday and Thursday will offer some overrunning moisture potential. This will likely result in clouds but we can hope for a shower.

The forecast through the weekend is warm and dry. Our inland temps could reach the mid to upper 80s for Sunday and Monday. Coastal areas will hold to the lower 80s thanks to the cooler water temps in the 70s. Monday night a dry front moves through the area we should fall into the 50s even to the coast. The high pressure will fight back allowing for a piece of energy to be left behind. This should allow us to climb into the mid-70s for Halloween day a secondary front will slide through at night. The timing of the secondary front will be the difference in cool or warm around the time of trick-or-treat. Right now I plan for temps in the 60s and breezy conditions a stray chance of a shower but rain is unlikely overall. After the front temps will be very cool for a few days even our cold-favored locations could see patchy frost Wednesday night and Thursday morning if things play out right. Plenty of time to sort out details for both Halloween and beyond but expect the cooler conditions to last into the end of the week as the air mass slowly recovers behind the front.