Panama City Fla. (WMBB-TV) – Two tropical systems in the Atlantic and a hybrid system is possible next week. Lots of tropical action, the most interesting at this moment in time is a sub-tropical/hybrid low that will try to develop next week before the pattern flips. This should at a min bring high surfs and breezy conditions to the Penisula of FL. If the system can work far enough to the west this could help bring rain to areas of the southeast desperate for some rain after not getting much through the tropical season this year. A trough will be working in by the end of next week to push this mess up the east coast. Shear and the broad circulation that will be involved here will make a center low or surface low hard to track or develop so it’s unlikely to result in anything fully tropical or strong. Elsewhere across the Atlantic Lisa will fade across Central America but could help an eastern pacific storm to start which would likely inhibit any other Caribbean action for a bit. Martin will become extra-tropical by tomorrow night.

For the rest of our week expect the above normal temps to continue with some gradual warming and higher dew points by the weekend. Rain will hold off until Saturday night or Sunday at the earliest and rain chances remain low less than 20% over much of the next 7 days.