Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – Rain chances are sticking around but we did lower the rain chances over the weekend from what we were expecting. Rain chances for the weekend will be around 50% for both days. Going into next week we reload the pattern and will have another trough digging in this should bring our rain chances up again. Next week will feature 60% chances of rain just about every day this will knock the temps down with the expected cloud cover.

The tropics now have (PTC 4) Potential Tropical Cyclone Four Showers and thunderstorms associated with the broad low-pressure area in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico have become better organized during the last 24 h, and reports from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate winds near 30 kt. However, both the aircraft and scatterometer data show that the disturbance does not yet have a well-defined circulation center. Since the system is likely to develop further and make landfall as a tropical storm in less than 36 h, advisories are being initiated on Potential Tropical Cyclone Four with Tropical Storm Warnings being issued for portions of the coasts of northeastern Mexico and south Texas.