PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB-TV) – Showers overnight have mostly cleared out this morning, leaving only some spotty activity behind. Otherwise, it’s chilly and cloudy this morning, and it will likely stay that way through much of the day with some more on/off showers. The culprit for the rainfall today is an area of low pressure moving across the Gulf Coast. Late tonight, it will push over the Atlantic Ocean, and the rain will come to an end.

The rain will clear out early Wednesday morning, but the cloud cover will hold on. Temperatures overall will stay in the upper 50s and mid-upper 60s for highs through Thursday. By Thursday afternoon, a stronger front – an arctic front – will surge down south. Ahead of it, some scattered showers activity is expected in the Panhandle. Behind it, some of the coldest air we’ve had all year will arrive.

High temperatures Friday will be in the morning hours and sit in the upper 40s and low 50s. Through the day, temperatures will fall to the 40s, 30s and down to the 20s or below by Saturday morning. On Saturday, temperatures will likely not break out of the 30s. By Christmas Sunday, the morning temperatures will be in the low-mid 20s and afternoon temperatures will struggle to get much higher than 40 degrees.

On Saturday and Sunday, following the cold front, we will also be dealing with dangerously cold wind chills. Winds out of the north/northwest at 10 mph or higher will create a wind chill that makes it feel more like the teens or single digits across northwest Florida. This extreme cold will be very dangerous for anyone to be outside in. Animal and sensitive plants should be brought inside Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Precautions should be made to avoid pipes bursting, too, as a hard freeze looks likely during the overnight hours of Friday through the weekend.