Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – Drought is in the area and rain is needed, the good news is it’s on the way. The bad news is that the weather will be all over the place for the next 4 days. Rain arrives by the afternoon tomorrow, Heavy rain will be possible at times. Scattered heavier showers will work through in the evening and overnight. Temps will rise into the 70s before falling down to the 60s for the evening and overnight. Along the forgotten coast there will be a low risk for a few hours overnight for severe storms. The main concern will be waterspouts working ashore. The time for this is likely from 11 PM CT to 4 AM CT. I think storms will stay offshore and our area is only concerned about the rain but there is that chance.

Thursday the warm front will split the area so coastal areas will be warm and humid and areas around I-10 will still be on the cooler side until the warm front lifts through. Showers and clouds will be around Thursday but it won’t be anywhere as wet as Wednesday. Thursday night the warm front should be all the way through the area. Temps will only fall to the low 70s Thursday night and Friday will be a warm and humid day in comparison to what we have had as of late. A pop-up shower or storm will be around with broken cloud cover but another day that’s likely not all that wet. A cold front come in by Saturday morning if we still have moisture to work with then we could see morning showers before the cold front clears us. The cooler air comes on Saturday night.

Sunday and next week, cooler conditions will hold through much of the week. Highs in the low 70s and low in the mid-40s. This will be temps 15 degrees or more below the average for this time of year. The end of next week fronts could make things active once again but too far off for now.