PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB-TV) –  Higher rain chances will come with greater moisture content to work with in the coming days. Thursday through Sunday this week rain chances will be at their highest as a surface low develops in the Gulf off a stalled boundary. This low will pump in moisture from south to north, enhancing our summertime pop-up pattern.


We are still closely watching Invest 91L – the tropical wave with the highest chance of tropical formation in the central Atlantic. Uncertainty exists, however, regarding whether or not it will actually form. Interaction with dry air/Saharan dust, wind shear and an upper level low could hinder development over the next 2-3 days. A curve to the northeast over the weekend is still looking like, but this trend could shift. We’re watching it closely but still playing the waiting game.

There are two other tropical waves to watch – one in the north central Atlantic and another in the far eastern Atlantic. The northern wave will not impact the Panhandle. The eastern Atlantic wave will continue its westward movement, but it also has a swath of dry air to move into as well. Models are also hinting at this wave turning into a fish storm if anything. That would be in the next 5-10 days – far away.

There is nothing to concern yourself with right now. Tropical conditions are changing every day though as we’re approaching peak season. We went from four waves Monday, two Tuesday and now three on this Wednesday. While none of the three in the Atlantic currently are likely to impact northwest Florida, that could change over the coming weeks. Stay weather aware and check for tropical updates daily! I’ll be sharing them here on Facebook, and the StormTrack 13 app.