Panama City Fla. (WMBB-TV) – Rain chances are around for our Saturday and Sunday with a front set to wash out over the top of us. There is a high amount of uncertainty about the rain actually happening. We have the front and we have the environment for storms even strong storms but with very little life it’s not a lock that showers or storms happen across the area at all. The rain chance for Saturday is around 50% with a low risk of a severe storm. Pop-up showers and storms are possible for both Sunday and Monday rain chances will be 30 to 40% on coverage for those days. Tuesday a cold front finally brings widespread coverage of showers Monday night and Tuesday Morning rain chances around 60%. We will clear out and cool down but it’s not going to get cold Wednesday should be beautiful with highs in the low 70s. We will warm up very fast at the end of next week and set up for another pattern like we will see the next few days again next weekend.

With the high amount of uncertainty, it’s best to keep the outdoor plans and just be ready with a backup plan if rain happens. This is the approach we all take with the loto of rain chances during the summer so this is just some early practice. It’s very possible we don’t see a raindrop until Monday night and Tuesday morning.