Panama City Fla. (WMBB-TV) – One more night for those inland to protect the plants. You don’t need to worry about pipes tonight or dripping the faucet that’s only needed with a hard freeze. Wednesday should be a nice day overall with temps finally returning to near normal for this time of year. With temps near the average for tomorrow that will put an end to our impressive 12-day streak of below avg temps. Friday will bring temps back to near 70 and with it we will see rain and storms move in for the afternoon. Severe weather is not expected at this time for Friday or Saturday. A round of heavy rain is expected Friday and possibly another round on Saturday. As we get close to the midnight hour it appears that showers will still be lingering around the area. I think that the majority of the rain will be gone but I would plan on having indoor plans just incase for the holiday. Next week will also feature the threat of heavy rain in the middle of the week as of now severe storms are not out of the question but the setup for now looks like we wouldn’t have to deal with anything severe. Make sure to check back on the forecast in the next few days as we fine-tune details as to how much rain will fall and time out the rain’s arrival and departure.