Panama City Fla. (WMBB-TV) – The summer pattern is back in control, this means the hit-and-miss/popcorn/pulse thunderstorms/rain lotto is back. Most of this week will feature temps in the low to mid-80s along the coast and upper 80s to low 90s for the inland area. With the Seabreeze pattern, the first half mile from the coast inland typically stays dry if not for a morning shower or storm with the land breeze at night. The shape of the coast line is one of the reasons for this the other is just the time it takes to get convection going. When a storm pops on the Seabreeze it typically takes about 45 min for the convection to go this is usually a half mile to a mile inland at that point. All of that to say if you have beach plans and you don’t hear me saying the Seabreeze is pinned to the coast then chances are the beach will stay dry with the summer pattern.

A front will wash out in the area around Wednesday to Thursday this should enhance the coverage of showers and storms but they will still be hit and miss. The next front looks to be next Monday and it too should wash out. Widespread severe weather is not expected any time soon but summer thunderstorms can always produce gusty winds/frequent lightning/ very heavy rain so a storm or two each day can briefly become severe.