PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB-TV) – We’re in for a pretty quiet week with just our typical summertime pattern in store. That will consist of warm air, moisture/high humidity and isolated pop-up showers and storms each day. Pop-up activity will occur mainly in the afternoon hours, especially with the sea breeze and outflow boundaries. Majority of the Panhandle will stay dry this week with some lucky folks winning the “rain lottery.”

High temperatures are likely to reach the low-mid 80s for our coastal areas and near 90 inland. Factoring in the humidity, it will feel about 5 degrees hotter than the actual air temperature. Plus, with such humid conditions, fog will likely develop each morning, too. Reduced visibility will make it harder to see during your morning commute. Please remember to turn on your headlights (switch from automatic to manual), drop your speed and leave extra space between vehicles.