Panama City Fla. (WMBB-TV) – It’s hard to complain about the weather when temps and weather conditions are so nice. A severe drought is in place across the area and with very little rain in the forecast, you can expect the drought to continue or get worse over the next two weeks. There are some things to look at next week that might help. A big sub-tropical trough will develop across the east coast next week this could develop a sub-tropical system or a non-tropical low regardless it will likely amplify the upper ridge in place in the eastern US and keep us dry for an extended period of time. If we get a shift to the west with the trough or a low can sneak in that would help us out with much higher rain chances. Going to the middle of the month we should see the pattern begin to break down around the 10 and a full pattern flip is possible by the fifteenth to seventeenth. That could bring us much colder conditions but unsure if it would help bring rain at this time.