PANAMA CITY, Fla. WEATHER (WMBB) — High pressure and a mix of dry air enter the region Wednesday, boosting temperatures.

Highs range through the lower and mid-90s Wednesday, and in the mid and upper 90s for Thursday. While dewpoints will favor a less humid enviornment, general conditions will be hot and sweaty. If you need to be outside for extended periods, make sure there is water handy.

Heat pushes through Friday, with 20% chances of stray showers or storms returning this weekend.

Hurricane Fiona begins a northern shift into the Atlantic today and is now at category 4 strength.

We are still watching Invest 98L for an expected organization over the next 2-5 days, but during that time the area of interest will only make gradual advancements into the southern Caribbean.

Long-range forecast tracks sway towards a hurricane-strength storm that could affect the Gulf Coast late next week, but there is still an uncertainty as to what strength, or what area that will effect.

A better assessment of the storm will be available once the storm organizes later on the in the 5 day period.

Stay weather aware.