Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – Rain chances bring back the hope of afternoon relief but the heat is not going anywhere. Tuesday we will mostly be reliant on a storm complex to move through or get close enough that we have pop up around in the afternoon. Rain chances are high Tuesday with the farther north you go from the coast bringing the best chances at rain. The temps all of this week with me in the low 90s along the coast. Inland areas will see the temps into the mid-90s all week long as well as add in dew points in the 70s and it feels like 105-115° in the afternoons. Heat Advisories and or warnings could be issued many times this week. If you are wondering when this will all change, then just keep wondering. For the foreseeable future, the pattern is stable and that means more of the same. Heat, humidity, and pop-up storms that is the basic forecast each day.

Tonight temps fall into the upper 70s for lows with low rain chances mostly a coastal threat if any at all overnight. Tuesday is hot again with temps in the mid-90s for most a 40% chance of rain along the coast but a 50 to 60% chance for the inland areas. Wednesday through the weekend will be hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorm chances around 40 to 50% across the area.

The great news is no news out of the tropics still not seeing any issues on the tropical front for the next week lets hope that continues.