Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – A cold front the first big front of fall has arrived it will bring us temperatures down to the 40s for the overnight lows and a few days that only get into the 70s for highs. This is all thanks to dry air from the north filtering in behind the front on Saturday. This dry air and winds out of the north around 10 to 20 mph bring a high fire danger. The highest threat will be in the afternoons on both Saturday and Sunday when the relative humidity drops below 35% meaning the air will be less than a third saturated. This means any fire can spread rapidly with dry fuel on the ground and the dry air. Please do not burn on Saturday afternoon and evening!

Dry weather this weekend will stay around for next week as well, the dry air will be with us through Wednesday. Wednesday or Thursday the moisture returns in abundance it seems, A Gulf low very much like our wintertime setups will move just to our south. This could bring an axis of heavy rain to the area next Wednesday or Thursday. The next cold front will sweep this moisture out by next Friday or Saturday with more cool air filtering in behind it.

While hurricane season is far from over the official end is the last of November. The pattern for the next two weeks is a good step in the right direction as it will help to cool the Gulf and very high shear over the Gulf will keep us away from tropical solutions. This pattern could keep us very active with fronts and storm systems over the winter but for now, we will take its anti-tropical outlook.