Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – Rain chances remain around zero even though we could see an isolated shower this week. This week’s weather will be mostly the same each day. Cool and humid overnights where fog will be possible to dry and warm afternoons. High pressure is in control but our wind will stay out of the east. This will bring us higher dew points thanks to the air coming off of the Atlantic. These higher dew points will keep us out of higher fire danger than what’s in place. This will be thanks to fuels like the dry brush getting a bit of moist humid air each night as the air falls to the dew point. The Atlantic influence might be enough to force a stray shower across the area on Wednesday through Friday but I wouldn’t bet on it with the rain chances remaining low.

Looking for a pattern change, arctic air is going to start to progress into the country this week. It’s 8 to 10 days away from us and maybe that’s tipping the hand of what’s to come. For us, we stay dry and seasonal if not just slightly warmer than average until we get a pattern change. This big cold front will likely make it to us around Halloween if not just after. It might be our next best chance at rain as well as a big temperature change. This is a ways down the road so we will fine-tune the forecast here as we work through the week.

Tropics: Tracking Tammy, that’s all that’s out there and Tammy is on a wild ride but for now looks to be staying well away from our area. While we would love the rain there are no tropical threats for the U.S. at this time or us. It appears if any tropical action were to head our way shear and now cooler waters would make it tough to make it to us. I’m not saying we’re done with the tropics but things look good for the time being for awhile.