Panama City Fla. (WMBB-TV) – Dry air in the form of lower dew points makes the air feel great and keeps us a bit cooler than average. An upper low and a non-tropical coastal low all to thank for the great weather for us. The summer pattern slowly returns but a nice break from any weather woes right now.

Tonight temps will fall into the low 60s but Friday night and Saturday night temps could fall into the upper and even mid-50s in spots across the area. A few of our cold-favored locations might even get cooler than that. Friday as the upper low interacts with the developing surface low to our northeast we might force a touch of moisture our way. With the dry air in place, it’s unlikely to be more than a stray shower if any shower activity at all. Saturday will be dry and a touch on the breezy side but still beautiful. Sunday moisture slowly returns but not enough for any shower or storm action. Monday you will notice the humidity but rain chances remain on the low side. Tuesday the sea breeze and just enough moisture around that we might start to see rain chances return. It seems more likely for rain chance to return with better moisture at the end of next week. As of right now the end of next week will just be the sea breeze pop-ups for rain chances as well.