Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – Who’s ready for a cold front? You can add me to the list. There are two on the way one that will move through on Friday and another next week around Monday or Tuesday. The afternoon highs will still reach the low 90s on a few days over the next 7 but those nighttime lows will be down into the 60s and could get some nights to fall into the 50s for the inland areas. The tropics are on full watch with the potential of a storm to impact the area toward the end of next week. There is still a wide range of solutions on the table and at this time you should be getting prepped and ready just in case a storm were to head in this direction. Use this time to make sure your hurricane kit is good to go and think about what supplies you might need in the coming days. Not a bad idea to think about what you might do if you feel the need to evacuate. At the moment we are still in the wait/watch/prep mode. If a storm were heading this way the earliest it would impact our area could be next Thursday the 29th. Monday we should have a good understanding of where the storm is heading and its potential impacts. Make sure to check the forecast as often as possible in the coming days, or at least once a day.