Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – Warmer weather this week with more than a couple of pieces of energy heading in this direction. There is good news here, the temps will be mostly above avg through the next 7 days. We have a few fronts on the way but with the weather pattern that will be in place, it appears that severe weather is not a risk with the passing of those cold fronts. This is because we won’t see much of a change in air mass as these fronts work in and through. Monday will be a nicer day with temps rising into the 60s, Tuesday Fog could be an issue as much warmer air arrives and runs over the relatively cooler water. There should be enough lift for a stray to isolated shower on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday the system arrives and should bring showers and possibly some storms. The coverage should be scattered at best so not looking at a washout for the day. Cooler air moves in for Friday but we don’t clear the front entirely and a new piece of energy should bring showers back by Saturday evening.