Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – The next five days will feature mostly dry conditions. We will see our dew points rise through the day on Friday. With just a touch more moisture to work with we could see a stray shower or storm pop up with the heating of the day. This will be possible from Friday through Sunday. Rain chances will remain around 20 to 30% at most. Beyond that, we will be watching the tropics mainly tropical depression seven that will likely become Tropical Storm Fiona. The long-range future is uncertain but with a ridge building into the plains and southeast. Any threat from this storm appears to be very minimal to the Nothern Gulf. The most likely solution is secure in the Atlantic after a run-in with the Greater Antilles. There are solutions on the table where the East coast of the US could see impacts either directly or just a close call so this will be a storm to watch even if the threat to the Flordia panhandle remains very low.