Panama City Fla. (WMBB) – A cold front moves through Tuesday. The biggest question is timing, we will be on the tail end of the front so progress across the area will be slow. It is likely that the front stays on the western half of the panhandle through the day.

(Orange Area)
Mostly morning hours to early afternoon. Storms will approach the area late Monday night or early Monday morning. Storms will work into the panhandle around 6 AM and could be as far east as Okaloosa County. This area is the most likely area for the front to stall as we could see it sit in this area most of the day. Severe threat is also highest in this area with the main concern being a brief tornado but strong wind and heavy rain are also concerns with any strong storms. Assuming the front moves east this area should wrap up the severe threat in the early afternoon hours. Showers will stick around much of the evening.

(Yellow Area)
A stalling front to the west of this area would reduce the severe threat and delay the rain’s progress east. Storms should be knocking on the door by mid-morning with the highest severe threat from late morning to early evening. The front could stall in this area but it would be later in the day and the upper-level energy would undercut our storms so the severe threat is on a limited timetable. Showers will hold on here through the evening into the overnight hours if the front stalls to the west severe threat is limited in this area. A tornado is possible if storms are strong enough to take advantage of dynamics.

(White Area)
The front stalling to the west is very possible from this area which means less of a chance that storms are still strong when they reach the area. If the front progresses across the area we could see the rain reach us as early as mid-afternoon. Severe threat is likely limited to the evening hours a tornado or strong winds are possible if storms can make it to the area. Showers will develop with the upper low front in the evening and last through the night. Parts of this area in Franklin County could deal with the showers into Wednesday morning.

Wednesday and beyond will bring colder-than-average temperatures to the area likely through the start of December. Clouds will clear the area Wednesday and then build back on Thursday as a weak low could bring showers to the area Thursday night. Friday showers could linger in the morning then slowly we clear out for a nice but cool weekend.