PANAMA CITY, Fla. WEATHER (WMBB) – Later this week, the equator is anticipating the first signs of hurricane season to bubble up.

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st, but the wet season in Mexico and Central America has already begun.

On occasion, waves of tropical moisture that create the rainy season can also spawn instances of early tropical storms nearby.

Current satellite imagery shows areas of convection over Central America.

During the wet season, sometimes for many weeks at a time, the region will experience a phenomenon called a Central American Gyre.

Usually, the word ‘gyre’ is used to describe large circulating currents in the ocean, but it can also be used in weather. In this case, the gyre is a broad area of low pressure that generally stretches from the Yucatan Peninsula toward Costa Rica.

For a non-meteorologist, this broad circulation will look like an elongated ring of stormy weather across Central America, as pictured above.

Starting Friday afternoon, Central America will observe its first significant gyre formation in 2022.

Due to this, the Panhandle will feel some minor impacts this weekend.

The Central American Gyre (CAG) is a broad area of low pressures (L) that circulates moisture over southern Mexico and Central America. the southeasterly flow from the southern Caribbean will send residual moisture from the CAG to the Panhandle this weekend.

A southeasterly flow that wraps around the Central American Gyre will keep the main areas of moisture moving around southern Mexico, The Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, and Belize.

However, the flow of wind will bring an additional flow of moisture north into the Southeastern US.

Rain chances for this upcoming Saturday and Sunday, and evening extending into Monday and potentially Tuesday is expected to increase significantly.

Rotation from the CAG will be apparent through Sunday evening.

The added moisture will make for a more wide array of scattered showers and storms across the Panhandle. Usually the region experience 30-40% chances for precipitation during this time of year, but the freeway of moisture from the CAG will boost shower and storm chances to around 70%.

Added rain chances will also lower temperatures into the lower and mid-80s for all areas.

The Panhandle will return back to the seasonal summertime pattern by Tuesday of next week.