TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — After a very busy stretch in the Atlantic, tropical activity appears to be slowing down for now.

The exception is Karl, a tropical storm that’s moving toward the coast of Mexico. The latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center said Karl is about 200 miles northeast of Veracruz, Mexico and is moving north slowly. The storm is expected to approach the coast of Mexico by Friday.

Karl is still at tropical storm strength with 45 mph maximum sustained winds. The NHC said little change is expected before landfall.

Aside from Karl, the NHC is not monitoring any other disturbances and said tropical cyclone formation is not expected within the next five days.

This is typically the time of year we see a drop in tropical activity. However, the Atlantic hurricane season doesn’t end until Nov. 30, and a quiet basin right now doesn’t mean we couldn’t see another storm spin up off one of the cold fronts that make it down into the Gulf of Mexico or off the mid-Atlantic coastline.

Areas of deep moisture or clusters of showers and thunderstorms in the Caribbean always need to be watched closely for any organization.

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