PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Social media platforms have become a primary source of weather information for many individuals. Instantaneous updates, user-generated content, and real-time visuals make it easier than ever to stay informed about weather conditions.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that not all information shared on social media is accurate or reliable. In the realm of weather forecasting, clear lines of communication and discerning trusted sources are paramount of importance.

There is plenty of good information on social media from all kinds of sources. Just be sure you know what you’re looking for. If you are looking for hypothetical storms two weeks down the road or if you are looking for information for a storm 3 days away, where the information is coming from and how it’s delivered could be an important factor in decision-making.

“It’s really important that we’re all basically speaking from speaking the same message when it comes to a storm threat. From the Hurricane Center, the Weather Service, local media, and the emergency management community, because people need to hear consistent messaging in order to be confident, to take action. The media is our conduit to get information to the public so that they know what protective actions they need to take, what the hazards are that they’re going to be dealing with that storm,” said Dr. Michael Brennan, Director of the Nation Hurricane Center.

The consequences during severe weather events can be false alarms, rumors, or inaccurate forecasts that can create unnecessary panic, lead to unnecessary evacuations, or even strain of emergency response systems.

“So it’s like if you’re sick and you want to know what’s wrong with me, you go to the doctor, you go to an expert that tells, you know, diagnosis the symptoms you have and tells you this is what I believe you have. It’s never usually a good idea just to do the internet search to figure out what you have and self-diagnose. The same with hurricanes and weather in general. Go to the experts. They’ve gotten degrees in this sort of thing. They know how to predict the weather. They know how to communicate the weather. And they’re the ones who are going to give you the best information before a storm,” said Robbie Berg, Senior Hurricane Specialist at the National Hurricane Center.

When it comes to weather forecasting, clear lines of communication and knowing who to trust are important. So stay informed, be discerning, and rely on those trusted sources so we can get through hurricane season together.

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