Verizon makes hurricane preparedness preps to keep people connected

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PENSACOLA, Fla (WKRG) – Verizon is preparing for hurricane season with a top secret facility called ‘The Switch’ in Pensacola that houses new portable equipment that will keep people connected.

Network Senior Manager Dennie Gelpi-Santana says they have everything from generators to portable cell towers that can be deployed anywhere so people have cell service during hurricanes.

The Switch is able to route all the calls, texts and data for much of the area. Santana says the building is the heart of the Verizon network.

The Switch routes around 143 million calls each month, and has enough supplies to keep employees working during disasters to keep people connected.

There are more than eight hours of battery backup, and they can run generators for up to seven days without recharging.

There’s a lot of high tech equipment inside the facility and officials say they want to keep the location top secret.


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