PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Chief Meteorologists Ross Whitley discusses what impacts we may see from Hurricane Earl and Post Tropical Danielle, current activity in the tropics, a potential heavy rain setup, and much more in this episode of Tropic Topics.

Rain showers and storms are expected in the next few days. This will not be a washout consistent rain but we will have the possibility of convective banding. That means storms can pop up and run over the same areas. That is the main concern that we get that type of banding and it turns into flash flooding. Friday will have the possibility to dry out by the evening, this would be if we have widespread shower and storm activity in the morning. That would help stabilize the atmosphere and limit the number of storms to pop up in the afternoon. That is a possibility but with the amount of moisture streaming into the area, I would bet on seeing rain Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Sunday should be a transition day as the moisture start to exit the area.

As we move through the weekend we will still see moisture pulled out of the Gulf with the Cut-Off low to our west. The main concern is storms running over the same areas where we could see flash flooding occur.

The Tropics are active as we near peak season with Hurricane Earl on its way to becoming the first major of the year. Thankfully it is moving away from the US and is not a threat. Post-tropical storm Danielle is now making its transition into an upper low as it’s absorbed by the jet stream. We also have two other waves worth watching but at the moment they both paper to not be threats to the US. The tropics are as active as you would expect for peak season but thankfully the storms remain non-threats to the US. It looks like we will stay that way for the next 7 to 10 days as well.