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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Join Chief Meteorologist Ross Whitley as he discusses 93L, weekend preparations, potential impacts from Idalia, and more!

It is possible for a storm to impact the area. Timing should be on Wednesday of next week if it were to head in this direction. For now, the favored spot for this to go is toward the Bend but it’s possible for the storm to be farther west. With upper-level conditions favorable if a storm were to move toward us it is a good idea to start at least the process of prep at this point. Do the little things just in case more action is needed. For now, without a low-level center established it’s hard to say for sure where the storm will be exactly and what impacts it could bring. This makes it all the more important to check back on the forecast as often as you can. Ideally, tomorrow morning and tomorrow night to see how things have trended. Confidence in the track and forecast should grow on Saturday and Sunday. The storm should emerge in the Gulf Monday at some point and then potentially landfall somewhere on the west coast of FL Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Little notice for storms really getting going to when impacts could be felt so an abundance of caution is the best way to go. Intensity appears this should be a Tropical Storm or Hurricane as far as how strong it could get really depends on how it develops and time over water. At this time it looks like a Tropical storm or up to Cat 2 hurricane as the bounds but things can change fast as we know so this could change as well. For now, prep to your comfort do what you need to for your comfort at this point, and check back as we learn more about what to expect.

Super Ensemble blend shows the most likely solution when blending all the data we have at the moment on possible outcomes. There is high uncertainty right now in track and intensity. If things were to go as the models have them now the Bend would be the most likely to be impacted directly but this can change.

The Tropics change fast make sure to check as often as you can for changes.