PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Chief Meteorologist Ross Whitley breaks down current activity in the Atlantic basin, what we can expect here in the Panhandle, and the tropical outlook for July! Over the coming weeks, we will see suppression in the Atlantic and higher shear. This will likely lead to a period of calmer Tropical activity. The signs for things to pick back up are there for the end of July toward August. We are moving along in the Tropical season but there is plenty of time left to go. Stay aware and remain prepared as only one system can make or break your season.

PTC (Potential Tropical Cyclone) 2 is still on its track off to the West. We are waiting for the NHC to find a low-level center if that is accomplished then we will see this get the name, Bonnie. This is not a threat to the US or Florida.

The Wave behind PTC 2 is now given just a 10% chance of development as most of the model support for it to develop has been dropped over the last 48 hours. This wave could eventually move toward our area around the 7 of July but would likely be nothing more than extra moisture for the Summer pattern to play with.

In the Gulf of Mexico, we still have a low there but it has struggled to organize despite hanging out over 87° water. The lack of organization is likely due to shear from the stationary boundary in the southeast. This low will move ashore later today and is not a threat to the Panhandle.