PANAMA CITY (WMBB) — The First Alert Storm Team kicks off 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season with a new episode of Tropic Topics! We’ll be going over 91L, El Nino, decision-making timeline, predictions and more!

The season starts off with a storm, it has a chance to become a tropical storm but is moving south away from the area. If it were to get a name it would become Arlene the storm is expected to move south through Saturday and should become a remnant low sometime on Saturday. The season is expected to be near normal around 14 named storms. Our message is that you take each storm one at a time and prepare for this season as you would for any. We know here in the panhandle the number of storms in the season really is not important. The important issue is are we going to be impacted and that is something we just can not know. Tropic topics here gives you a detailed look at the timeline for making decisions and what the season could bring.