PANAMA CITY, Fla. WEATHER (WMBB) — A low-pressure system continuing to progress over the Eastern United States could bring a better tropical outcome to the Panhandle later this week.

The region could look at early morning fog to start off Monday, but visibility issues will fade by 10 am.

Southerly flow ahead of the aforementioned cold front will keep the temperature slightly above the seasonal average with most places topping out in the upper 80s and 90s.

At the same time, Tropical Storm Ian will intensify into a Category 1 hurricane as it pushes north and west towards the western Caribbean Sea.

Major intensification will continue throughout Tuesday, as the system heads into the northern Gulf. This is not much different than yesterday’s forecast, but different from the previous forecast is the expectation that Ian will not maintain Category 4 status as long.

The extent of the forecast cone on days 4 and 5 (Wed/Thurs) has shrunk slightly and continues with an eastward trend.

Weather authorities will be able to pinpoint the center of the storm more accurately as it becomes a well-defined hurricane over the next 24 hrs. This will, in turn, increase forecast confidence in the coming days. By Tuesday morning, a much more reliable forecast will be issued.

The Panhandles forecast this week is still heavily dependent on what Tropical Storm Ian does. If we are to see impacts, the more likely solution is that the eastern areas, Franklin Co., Liberty Co., and Gulf Co., would see the brunt of potential impacts such as tropical storm force winds and soaking rain.

Definitive measures of those wind speeds and precipitation totals are not appropriate at this time.

Despite what Tropical Storm Ian does Wednesday through Friday, calmer conditions are likely to return to the Panhandle throughout next weekend.