PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Tuesday night and Wednesday morning a cold front pushing across the south-central United States will heighten the threat of a major severe weather event.

The Florida Panhandle will remain on the outskirts of this event, but could still see issues.

Meteorologist Kelly Godsey with the National Weather Service in Tallahassee said, “It’s currently a marginal risk, which is a level one out of five and something that we are going to watch.”
Godsey added, “If we get enough instability, enough moisture off the Gulf, we have the necessary ingredients to present a tornado risk or a damaging wind threat.”

Lack of rainfall throughout the tropical season has left the Panhandle in a severe drought, meaning that if heavy rains are forecast to move through your neighborhood, the risk of flash flooding is higher than normal.

As for tornadoes, the risk is low in this case, and in many instances a low to moderate risk. However, the chance is never zero, and the public needs to have a plan.

“In some cases, you may only have 10 minutes to figure out where do I go identify that shelter That’s a safe place in your home before the warning was issued. Saves a lot of time when you have to spring into action.” Godsey said.

In case of a tornado warning, the best place to be is in the lowest-most interior room of your house, without windows. Preferably a closet, bathroom, or basement if you have one.