PANAMA CITY, Fla. WEATHER (WMBB) — The arctic front is now knocking on the doorstep of the Florida Panhandle.

For one more afternoon, temperatures will stay mild enough to prepare ahead for tonight’s cold air. Highs will range through the lower and mid-60s for most.

By midnight tonight, the brisk cold will be pushing into the edges of southern Alabama and northwest Florida. Below-freezing temperatures are expected in the early hours of Friday, with readings between 18-30°F.

Wind chill will also factor into those cold temperatures, making the air feel even colder. The air will feel at its warmest, around 15°F. At the coldest, 3°F.

The dangerous wind chill values will remain a problem through Saturday morning, with a Wind Chill Advisory in effect through Saturday at 12 p.m. CST.

This Christmas Eve is expected to be one of the coldest northwest Florida has seen in about 30 years. High temperatures may not rise above freezing.

Thursday will be your last day to take preparations for the cold weather. Make a plan for your plants and pets, call your elderly neighbors and family, and make sure at least one faucet in your house is running in case of freeze.

Despite the bitter cold, mostly sunny conditions are anticipated over the holiday weekend, with no major traffic delays expected throughout Florida. The further north you go, the more active the winter weather will be, so make sure to check the forecast for wherever you are headed this Christmas.