MILLVILLE, Fla.– Every year for the past three years, volunteers with ‘World Changers’ come to Panama City.

They’re a national organization that does construction projects in neighborhoods all over the United States, but with Hurricane Michael damage still present this year holds a deeper meaning.  

It’s a busy week in Panama City as 22 crews work to repair 38 different homes. Volunteers range from ages 12 and up and come from all over to help, but for some, it’s personal.   

“My home has been impacted by a hurricane before because it was torn down when I was young and we had to rebuild it. So I just really want to work hard for these people to change their lives too,” said Volunteer from Olla, Louisiana, Griffin Peppers. 

These volunteers help repair, paint and do other work around the house. They said they’re amazed by the damage that remains post-storm.   “It’s just mind bobbling that all these homes have been destroyed and are still destroyed after 9 months,” said Volunteer from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Sam Fulton.

This is the 3rd year locally for World Changers, but easily the most significant because of the storm. With 250 volunteers representing 16 different churches in 8 different states, they hope to not only fix these homes but also spread hope.  

 “I hope that they see the love of Christ coming through us to them and trying to give us a little bit of hope and a little bit of encouragement after such a tough storm,” said Organizer with First Baptist Church, David Flatt.  These volunteers said they’re happy to help anyone in need.   

“They’re very open and also just recognizing what their needs are and you can tell it’s really just emotional for most of them,” said World Changers Construction Coordinator, Christopher Burch.