PANAMA CITY, Fla. WEATHER (WMBB) — Today Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida.

While Floridians are no stranger to tropical weather, in years past it seems Florida’s west coast has been spared from major events such as this one.

Last week, track predictions put Ian’s landfall location closer to Tampa, in which case, that area had not experienced a major hurricane in over 100 years.

The unnamed Hurricane of 1921 was a category 3 passing just north of Tampa. However, reflections of a more recent hurricane were apparent today as Ian pushed over Cape Coral.

Hurricane Charley, in 2004 came ashore in the same area on August 13th.

This was the last hurricane to reflect even a portion of Hurricane Ian’s strength. Hurricane Charley was also a category 4, with an eerily similar path.

Organizing into a hurricane on the southwest side of Jamaica, and moving over western Cuba to strengthen further.

Although both category 4 strengths, and similar in path, in regards to size, there is no comparison.

Ian’s eyewall expanded to at least 25 miles wide, which fits the entire extent of Charley’s hurricane-force winds.

The storm made landfall nearing Category 5 strength.

potentially being added to the historic list including Andrew, Camille, and the Cat 5 that the panhandle knows all too well… Michael.

Bloomberg estimates Ian’s damages will cost between 60-70 billion dollars, but the full extent of damages will not be determined for months.