PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – While a hurricane kit is most likely on the minds of folks in Franklin County, it’s something all of us should remember.

There are certain items every hurricane survival kit needs.

The first thing on the hurricane disaster kit is a category of general supplies such as:

Make a list of the style, serial number, and manufacturer information of required medical devices.

You will need several batteries for your flashlights. (candles are not recommended)

Invest in an NOAA weather radio.

Keep some cash on hand, as the ATMs won’t work if electricity is out.

Last but not least buy some external cell phone batteries.

The next on the list is maintaining a list of important phone numbers that include the County emergency management office and evacuation shelters.

Having a First Aid kit is third on the list. Below are some items that it includes:

First aid manual.

Sterile adhesive bandages of different sizes.

Sterile gauze pads.

Hypoallergenic adhesive tape.

Officials tell us to pack at least two weeks of food and drinking water for each person in the home. That includes pets.

A hurricane checklist may seem overwhelming, but these are necessities you need to have when preparing. The earlier you prepare the better. Springfield resident of 38 years, Lynnette Griggs said she is ready for whatever comes her way.

“I have all my paperwork in order, my deeds to my house, and I have boards to put up around my windows. I have food prepared and a way out of here,” Griggs said.

For a full disaster supply kit, checklist click here.