PANAMA CITY, FL. (WMBB-TV) — A foggy start for your Friday with those clouds lingering on into the afternoon.

Today foggy conditions roll on into the mid morning hours thanks to some low level stratus clouds. The fog will start to lift by the afternoon, but clouds will stay linger on reducing some of day time heating. Highs today reaching into the mid to upper 70s. A stray is possible, but staying pretty dry this even.

Tonight those clouds look to hold in the Panhandle as foggy conditions are expected early Saturday morning. Lows tonight in the low to mid 60s.

Tomorrow thanks to some zonal flow we should see temperatures rise into the low 80s or into the mid 80s. Tomorrow will be the last chance of temperatures of in the 80s for at least another week as a cold front will work through Saturday afternoon and evening.

After that cold front moves that will cause temperatures to drop by early Sunday morning into the mid 50s. This pattern will hold keeping things dry and cool. Lows throughout the week will be the coldest early Monday and Tuesday morning. Expecting lows in the mid 40s. With more dry air expected that is not good for drought conditions across the area. Are next chance rain does not return until next Saturday.