Dog Safety for 4th of July

The 4th of July is a great holiday for humans… but not so much for your pets… with over 20 strays brought in per animal shelter on this holiday, we have some tips to help pet owners to prepare this 4th.

The 4th of July is filled with many different aspects, such as fireworks, glow sticks and food. However, many pet owners are not aware of the consequences these things could have on their pets, and if not careful- their pets could end up lost.

Many pet owners may be experiencing their first 4th of july holiday with their animal or not sure how their pet will react to the loud sounds and flashing lights.

Dr. Megan Keller, the Veterinaria of Bay County Animal Services says the first step is to make sure their collar is on or they are microchipped, for easy identification.

“These guys will get spooked, a lot of time we will end up with many many strays in here that have wandered out or escaped out of their owners yards. So the main point is to keep your pets away from the fireworks, and keep them inside, so they don’t have the opportunity to escape.”

Dr. Keller said not only are calming treats from your local pet shop great for your animals but also placing them in bathrooms is a good place for them during the commotion.

“You want calm, dark and secluded. It’s going to depend on the layout of your house, but try to avoid being near windows, things like that.”

Make sure to also avoid glow sticks near your dog as they can be dangerous for animals.

If you do find yourself unable to find your pet, call around to local shelters based on your county’s residence and even surrounding counties’ humane societies.

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