There’s a New Team in Town: Local Family Adopts 7 Children


The Olds family home is now a full house!

Dashoan and Sofia Olds adopted seven brothers and sisters. The siblings were living separated in four different foster homes, until the Olds saw their heartbreaking story on the news.
“This story came out on the Friday after Thanksgiving and just instantly touched us and said we have to do it,” said Dashoan.

“So we just immediately started the whole process of trying to even budget it – getting things prepared, even getting the house prepared – because we knew there’d be home studies. We knew there’d be a lot of paperwork we’d have to fill out so we kind of took the lead on it, honestly, and it just kept moving,” said Sofia.

Now, About ten months later, the adoption is official, and the family is living under one roof.

“Children thrive more when they have their brothers and sisters together, and, then, to see the bond that they all have and how they help each other out… When one cries, sometimes one gets to him before I get to him or before he gets to him,” said Sofia.

A lot of logistics go into one day. Their schedule is tight, but this is the new normal.

“They know the routine. They know the schedule, and they roll with it. It’s just a constant, “Hey, who’s taking a bath first?” “Me!” “Ok. Straight into the bath. You got 10 minutes,” said Sofia.

The feeling of family is one that never gets old. 

“I think I feel at ease, finally,” said Sofia.

“I guess it feels like a team finally. I’ve been saying ‘Team Olds’ a lot lately. Everyone has their strong parts, but it brings us together. It’s amazing how that happens,’ said Dashoan.

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