What players and coaches from both sides had to say after the Miami Dolphins defeated the Las Vegas Raiders, 20-13, at Hard Rock Stadium.


"I think that there’s a lot of very prideful, very high-quality players on that side of the ball, and you figure it’s just a matter of time with the way that our defense is orchestrated from a coaching perspective, starting with Vic (Fangio), but really down to all the assistant coaches, and then you see guys strain each and every week."

DOLPHINS QB TUA TAGOVAILOA on being 7-3 and in first place in the AFC East

"Well, the job is not done. There’s nothing accomplished to being 7-3. But as far as our focus today, we won the game, and we’re going to take that and we’re going to learn from that film."


"Man, I’m just trying to help this team win. That’s my mindset. Two thousand yards is just something just to get the fans and Twitter going crazy, but obviously the main goal for me is to win games, help this team win games. That’s my mind-set."


"We’re all together. At times (the offense are) going to have our back, at times we’ve got to have their back. We’ve got special teams, as well, and them guys can go out there and make some plays. Yeah, it’s just a complete team. We do have to play a little bit better complementary football at times, and we’ll continue striving to do that and be that team that we feel like we can be. But no, I would never say anything like that."


"We might have to win the rest of the season like that. You never know how it goes and on any given Sunday in this league teams can bring their best stuff and we might not have our best stuff. I think the key is to just keep our head down and have that confidence in each other – defense, offense, special teams – and no matter what the situation is we’re going to pull it out.“"

DOLPHINS OLB BRADLEY CHUBB on the defense coming on

"It’s one of those things where there was kind of some soul-searching to be done. Nothing like bad at all, we just didn’t think we were playing to our standard. As we’ve been gelling, as we’ve been learning the defense and as we’ve been learning each other, it’s been coming together for us a lot better. It’s one of those things we’re playing for each other now, too, and with each other. So it’s just been beautiful to see."

RB RAHEEM MOSTERT on the success at Hard Rock Stadium

“Kudos to the fans. They’re out here. At one point, Alec (Ingold) was sitting right next to me, I could barely hear him. It was just loud and impactful. Being at home, you just always want to take that home-field advantage and fingers crossed when we get to the playoff talk that we do have that home-field advantage because that will be very, very instrumental for us.”


"Our defense – they were amazing. Mr. Gold Jacket, Jalen Ramsey, he controlled the game, gave us all the opportunities we needed to get this win. But the defense as a whole, it’s great to see. It’s great to see them coming into life, fully reaching their potential, what we expected from them. Now we can tie it all together – offense, defense, special teams – we’ll be a very scary team to beat, so that’s the goal.”

RAIDERS INTERIM HEAD COACH ANTONIO PIERCE on facing veteran Dolphins DC Vic Fangio

"Yeah, they’re a learning lesson for all of us, and I start with AP, right? Learning lesson for me, for Bo (Hardegree), for Aidan (O’Connell). We’ve got to do a better job matching the game, and not put them in those situations where Aidan has to win the game and that starts with me."

RAIDERS QB AIDAN O'CONNELL on the last-minute Jalen Ramsey interception

"It was 20-something seconds left, no timeouts. I knew at some point we were going to have to take a shot, because we needed a touchdown. I saw Tre (Tucker) had a little step and again hung it up there too much and the defender made a really good play. I think we were a little messed up in our alignment to start, I didn't communicate well enough getting into the huddle. So some better communication would have gotten to the play better and all around would have been better. We were a little messed up on the play, but trying to take a shot. I knew we had to get a chunk at some point. I hung it up there too much and he made a good play."

RAIDERS CB NATE HOBBS on the Raiders defense

“I definitely feel like we came as physical as we needed to to make it a very competitive game. Like I said earlier to the guys, I am just proud of our effort and how we came on to the field drive after drive and did what we had to do.”

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