The Jacksonville Jaguars got back on track this weekend, knocking off the Tennessee Titans 34-14 to improve to 7-3 -- a much-needed recovery from last week's embarrassing blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

"Well, sometimes it's easier after a loss than it is a win. Really, we all had to kind of soul-search a little bit. We all had to look in the mirror and see if there were things we could do differently or I could help the team differently and how I message the football team and really just wanted to keep things simple," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said after the win. 

"I didn't want to clutter their mind. Yeah, you get blown out in a game a week ago, but when you really boil it down, it came down to the four giveaways and in the critical situations that we did last week. We didn't do that today. When you do that, you have better success. Just finding moments to just I think just relate to the team and kind of bring them full circle. You know, put it back on the leadership of the team and let them drive the team a little bit."

So, what did the Jaguars do differently this week? What led to Trevor Lawrence's and Calvin Ridley's big days?

John and Gus discuss all of this and more in this week's episode of the Jaguar Report podcast.

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