Clippers forward Nicolas Batum is likely accustomed to taking photos with fans on the street.

However, the he probably doesn’t get misidentified too often. After all, he’s a 15-year NBA veteran, having played for the Trail Blazers and Hornets prior to joining Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, Batum found himself in this situation over the weekend in New York, as the Clippers played the Knicks on Saturday and are scheduled to play the Nets on Monday night.

But apparently, one fan thought Batum was Celtics forward Al Horford and asked him for a photo. The Clippers star thought the case of mistaken identity was humorous.

“Just took a picture with someone in the street of New York and the guy told me « Thank you Al, Go Celtics!»” Batum tweeted on Sunday night.

It’s understandable how the fan could confuse the two players. They both sport a bald look. Their height is similar, with Horford standing 6’9”, while Batum is 6’8”. They both rank among the NBA’s elder statesmen as well. Horford is 36, and Batum is 34.

Anna Horford, Al’s sister, also got a laugh out of the situation as she replied to Batum’s tweet.

A diehard Boston fan probably would’ve realized that the Celtics weren’t in New York at the time. Boston’s last game was Friday in Phoenix, and the Celtics play in Detroit on Monday night.