It all started with a survey last year that asked students how much interest there was in lacrosse.

And now the fastest growing sport in the United States is gaining speed thanks to one local high school, South Walton.

The Seahawks are the first local public high school to add both boys and girls lacrosse to its Spring sport slate.

South Walton’s Athletic Director, Phil Tisa, hopes that with his school adding the fast paced sport other schools nearby will follow suit.

Tisa also said the other benefit that comes along with lacrosse is the fact that college lacrosse teams are sprouting up like crazy therefore the college teams need athletes to fill their rosters.

“It gives our females athletes another opportunity to go to college and that is one of the reasons we didn’t choose to go with flag football because it has no future for female athletes and I think 37 colleges added lacrosse this year for females and I know that they are hurting for female lacrosse players so its a good opportunity for our athletes to use that as an avenue for college,” said Coach Phil Tisa.