Scholar Athlete of the Week – Zamuel Compere


This week’s Scholar Athlete sponsored by Perry and Young is Bay’s Zamuel Compere!

“I’ve never been through anything like that. My family was scared. I was worried, but we got through it,” said Compere, who rode out Hurricane Michael in Panama City. 

“I lived in townhomes at the time. All of them got condemned. We had to move out pretty quickly,” said Compere.

His family then packed up and moved to Miami. Compere stayed behind. 

“My mom was open to whatever I decided, but she did want me to go down to Miami with her. I ended up wanting to stay and I was able to make that happen.,” said Compere. “I don’t regret anything.”

“Zam told me, when he had to make the decision to stay or go, he wanted to finish what he started. He didn’t just make that statement. He explained it to me and that impressed me so much that a young man like him at a time like this could have so much maturity and stand on his own two feet and make that decision, of course, along with his mom, but that speaks of who Zam is right there,” said Bay High Head Boys Basketball Coach Rusty Cook.

Despite his own situation, Compere was out in the community with a local church just two days after the storm, handing out food, water, and supplies to those in need. 

“My main focus was just helping people around me. That was the main thing. I knew my position – I was good enough. Better than in the position those people were, to not worry about myself, but to worry about them,” said Compere. 

“Zam’s house didn’t have power or water while he’s handing out meals and helping others, so that shows leadership right there. Just to take charge in a hard and desperate time,” said Cook.

This leadership crosses over to the court and in the classroom, where Compere has defined himself as a leader at Bay High. 

“It is definitely tough being a student athlete. Long nights, hard work, staying after school sometimes, things like that. The main thing is we have a lot of loving teachers at Bay that really help me out and push me to strive in the classroom,” said Compere.

Compere has high expectations for himself after graduation. 

“I’d love to go to college. My goal is to stay in Florida, so I’ve been applying around and doing what I gotta do. That’s the main goal,” said Compere.

“Zamuel is one of those kids where it won’t surprise me what he does, anything he becomes. It will not be a surprise to me because of the kind of character that he has. Books and sports and all that will get you so far, but who you are as a person I feel like is who you become in life, and he is a great person,” said Cook. 

Compere intends to major in sports management and minor in marketing. 

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