Scholar Athlete of the Week – Sydney Painter


This week’s Scholar Athlete of the Week sponsored by Perry and Young is Arnold’s Sydney Painter!

Painter is an integral part of the Arnold volleyball team. 

“I got moved to the outside this year so I’m more of a person that the team needs to rely on. I’m really excited to be a strong leader for the team that they can count on,” said Painter. 

Painter is a vocal leader who is always encouraging her teammates throughout practices and games. 

“I’m pretty positive. I know there are some people that can get mad at themselves, but we seem to stay pretty positive even though somebody might bang a ball on the other side of the net. We try to not let that get to us and just keep pushing and focusing on ourselves and not really what’s going on over there and playing our game,” said Painter.  

Painter and her teammates also impliment this focus and determination into their studies.

“I’m very organized. A lot of us are. We’re super OCD you could say, I guess. We all have our planners and we’re all color coordinated. We have practice at 5. That time from 3 to about 4:45, you get changed, do your homework, and go straight to practice because we practice until about 7-7:15 every night. Then, we’re here early the next morning,” said Painter.

Although the days are long, all of these hours spent together are cherished. Painter is in her final season for the Marlins and has her sisters right by her side. 

“All of my best friends are on the team, and no matter how bad of a day I have, at practice we always find a way to cheer each other up and goof around while still putting in work and getting better,” said Painter.

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