Scholar Athlete of the Week – Sage Mcwaters


This week’s Scholar Athlete sponsored by Bill Cramer Chevrolet is Bozeman’s Sage Mcwaters!

“My dad played in high school, and he’s always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do, but I’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps and do what he did,” said Mcwaters.

Sage Mcwaters has been playing baseball for about 15 years, and says he looks up to his father, the man who introduced him to the game, as his role model.

“He’s always at every game, and he’s always supported me on whatever I’ve chosen to do. Baseball is it, and he’s stood right beside me,” said Mcwaters.

Mcwaters manages a demanding baseball career and academic success by staying disciplined with his schedule.

“When I get here at the baseball field, and I walk past that gate, it’s baseball time from then on. Go back to the house, and it’s time to study and do my work. Any other free time I get, I can do whatever I want. But really, those are the two priorities that I really care about,” said Mcwaters.

“He spends the time. He wants to be a kid that makes good grades. He’s never a trouble in the classroom. His teachers adore him. He’s just a great kid,” said Bozeman Baseball Head Coach Jeff Patton.

Mcwaters recently discovered a new calling. He’s studying to become a pastor.

“My grandpa is a pastor, and I’d really like to follow in his footsteps. Me and my dad were talking about goals in life. I really felt that night when me and my dad talked that God told me I really need to step forward and do what I need to do for the church,” said Mcwaters.

He also plans on pursuing a degree in journalism, with dreams of becoming a sportscaster.

“Just watching the World Series time after time again every year and seeing how well those guys get a crowd into one game of the year. It’s a game of seven, but every game is so important,” said Mcwaters.

“Whatever he decides to do, whatever path, I know he’s going to give 100%. His employer, whoever that may be, whatever field he decides to go into, is going to get somebody that they know they can count on. I know I can count on Sage,” said Patton.

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