Scholar Athlete of the Week – Matthew Green


“You gotta make sure you wake up early enough, make sure you have all your stuff ready to go in the morning because you have to go first thing in the morning,” Bozeman senior Matthew Green says, “Gotta work out here before you get on the field… “Then you gotta deal with that!”

Green has been playing football for 9 years, and now he’s moving into a starting offensive position on the Bozeman varsity football team.

“We have full confidence in him,” Coach Lyle Messer says, “He’s an intelligent kid. He’s a gritty kid. Hard worker. He takes coaching well. I’m happy for him. He deserves this. He’s worked really hard.”

These are skills that translate into the classroom, as Green has a variety of AP courses on his transcript

“I’m trying to get my AA by the end of high school so I can get a head start into college,” Green explains.

“You’re here at school – Number 1 reason is to get an education, prepare yourself for the work force or college, some type of career,” Coach Messer says, “And he’s a great role model of that because, not only does he excel in the classroom, but he’s also involved in extra curricular activities so he’s a well-rounded individual.”

Green hopes to go to Florida Atlantic University, where he wants to pursue a career in Cceanic Engineering.

“I was watching these guys on a giant ship. I didn’t know what it was. It was a giant ship, and they were playing with submarines. I was like, ‘Shoot, I wanna learn this.’ I looked up the show and found out what they were, what they were doing, and got interested in it.”

Green says his work ethic on the field and in the classroom are things he learned from his father.

“It’s always been my dad. I respect him a lot so I don’t like to disobey him, and he’s taught me a lot.”

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