Scholar Athlete of the Week – Josh and Caleb Butts


This week’s Scholar Athletes of the Week sponsored by Perry and Young are Port St. Joe’s Josh and Caleb Butts! 

“I feel like, without him, I would not even be a fraction of what I am today,” said Josh.

“As my twin, I look out for him. He looks out for me. We make sure that we guide each other straight,” said Caleb.

As twins, teammates, and classmates, Josh and Caleb Butts are always by each other’s side, pushing one another to be better.

“We literally compete for everything we do,” said Josh.

“Grades, football, baseball, anything. Everything’s a competition to see who does better. It helps us make sure we do our best through anything,” said Caleb.

“We’ve just grown up every day like it’s a competition. We gotta win at something,” said Josh.

But who is the best at their respective football positions?

“I’m a better linebacker,” said Caleb.

“I feel like he’s a great linebacker, but, I gotta say, I’m the better quarterback of this one,” said Josh.

This light-hearted, yet competitive, nature is how the Butts brothers hold each other accountable. 

“We definitely push each other. We want each other to be the best as possible, and so we know that we gotta stay extra,” said Josh.

“It definitely helps me be better and him to make sure we do our best, see who does the best,” said Caleb.

This ‘be the best’ approach is also applied to their academics. 

“Grades are the most important thing that could be in my life right now. Definitely my education is my future,” said Josh.

“Academics are definitely the most important in my life right now – studying hard, taking college classes, making sure I can get where I want to go to college,” said Caleb.

“They’re both extremely hard workers out here on the practice field and in the weight room and the classroom, obviously, as well, so they’re well-rounded young men and they’re gonna do well after football’s over,” said Port St. Joe Head Football Coach Greg Jordan.

Both Josh and Caleb want to pursue careers in the medical field. 

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