Scholar Athlete of the Week – Janson Barker


This week’s Scholar Athlete sponsored by Bill Cramer Chevrolet is Bay’s Jenson Barker! 

Jenson Barker has had a bat in his hand since he was roughly eight-years-old.

“My dad kind of made me play when I was younger. Honestly, I wanted to be a skateboarder,” said Barker.

“He’s a great kid. He’s been around the program for a while. His brother came through Bay High. This year we looked at him to maybe be our 1 or 2 pitcher, which he’s filled that role for us pretty good so far. He plays first base and hits in the middle of our line up,” said Bay Baseball Head Coach Andrew Starr.

“Good thing he made me keep playing baseball. I think it’ll get me a little bit farther,” said Barker.

And so far, it has. Barker is committed to Marion Military Institute to play baseball and plans on majoring in psychology.

“My goals with going there are pretty much, I really need my education, so that’s, of course, gonna be first. Hopefully, two years there then somewhere after that,” said Barker.

“I see him being successful, having a great career at Marion and moving on to probably Alabama or somewhere after that,” said Starr.

Knowing the upcoming challenges of being a collegiate athlete have encouraged Barker to create a well-balance schedule. 

“I really got into doing it this year because I have to prepare myself coming into college. It’s hard trying to balance out schoolwork and hanging out with friends, but once you get into the groove of it, it’s not that hard,” said Barker.

“I always see him in school working hard. I think, really, once he found out he got the college scholarship, it really kicked him into gear too. He really appreciated all the hard work he’s put into it to go to college. I’m just extremely excited for him, and happy for him, as well,” said Starr.

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