Scholar Athlete of the Week – Drew Yeager


This week’s Scholar Athlete sponsored by Perry and Young is Mosley’s Drew Yeager!

“I wake up in the morning and go to the gym, then I go home, go to school, go to practice, go home, do all my homework, then I probably just sit down and watch TV with my mom and dad,” said Yeager.

The senior second baseman doesn’t have much time to rest. He’s been a large part of the Mosley baseball program’s success over the past few years and knows that this season he and his guys have a target on their backs. 

“We always have a chip on our shoulders every time we get in a game. We’re facing everybody’s best every time we go out, so we just gotta bring it every time,” said Yeager.

Yeager prefers to lead by example.

“I’m not really a talkative guy. I just do my thing out here,” said Yeager.

“He just gets on the field and gets after it and competes wants to win. I think the guys kind off of that,” said Mosley Assistant Baseball Coach Lance Bailey.

However, Yeager knows in order to hit the field, he has to hit the books. 

“My parents are always asking me, ‘Do I have homework? Do I have this?’ It’s the first thing I do when I get home after baseball is do all my schoolwork,” said Yeager.

“After every at bat, after every inning where he’s had to make a play, he’s coming to you. He wants to break it down and see where he can improve and see what he can do better,” said Bailey. “I think that’s a big reason why he’s done well in the classroom.”

That work ethic is now creating opportunities to play after high school.

“I love getting out here and competing with everybody out here. Heading to the next level is just a huge opportunity for all kinds of things,” said Yeager.

“I think a junior college team would be very lucky to have Drew. I think he goes in right away as a freshman and competes and gets it done and could really help any team in a lot of ways,” said Bailey.

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