Scholar Athlete of the Week – Danielle Lee


Scholar Athlete of the Week – Arnold’s Danielle Lee!

“I thought a lot about it – if I’d be nervous again or if I’d even play again, but I got back out here and put a face mask on. I wasn’t nervous or anything. It was nice to come back,” said Lee.

Lee was pitching in a district game against Mosley last month, when she took a line drive to the face. 

“I went to the ENT, and he told me that I had broken these and this and that I’d probably need surgery. I got surgery on Friday. Then, ten days after my surgery, he released me to play again,” said Lee.

Yes, just ten days later, Lee was back on the mound.

“I had so many people come to my house and send me flowers and text my mom to check on me. After I came back, all my teammates made sure I was ok and not working too hard so I wouldn’t mess it up again. Everyone was really nice and supportive. Even other teams in our district were checking on me and texting Coach Green saying they’re glad I’m back, so it was nice to have the support,” said Lee. 

With playoffs approaching, Lee’s time in an Arnold uniform is beginning to wind down, but the senior captain won’t be leaving the game behind her after graduation.  Lee will be continuing her career at Valdosta State, facing a new challenge of balancing collegiate athletics and academics. 

“That’s one of the big reasons she’s gonna be playing at Valdosta State next year. It’s not just the softball. She’s very good at that. The coach knows she can play. He asked me, ‘How is she as a student?’ Because they’re not going to invest that kind of money on just an athlete. They have a very rigorous academic schedule there at Valdosta State, and she’s gonna excel at that too. It’s like I told her a hundred times. She’s not gonna make a living playing softball, but now softball is gonna help her make a living,” said Arnold Athletic Director Rick Green.

“I’m thinking somewhere in medical – probably a nurse practicioner. They make a lot of money!” said Lee.

“She’ll have to learn just like we all did when we went to college. You have to manage your time. You don’t have your mom and dad there to tell you what you gotta do. She’ll have to learn that, and she’ll have to learn that on her own, but she has the ability to do that,” said Green.

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